Bobrisky gets called out for outstanding debts .

Cross dresser Bobrisky gets called out again for an outstanding debt from a popular short hair specialist  known on Instagram as "tayocuts".
The cross dresser was also accused of not paying for two dresses(boubou) from another store known as "shopmyrax".
The short hair specialist also claimed credit for Bobrisky hair and claim that the wig on Bobrisky head came from her brand.

The short hair specialist released a video of her with Bobrisky  with  the same hair in question on its official page to confirm that Bobrisky got the hair from her.
This post was made in reaction to Bobrisky giving hair credit to another vendor,a particular hair vendor known on Instagram as "ebosshair"
Remember the popular Nigerian cross dresser has always been called out on different occasions for outstanding debts or allegedly living “fake life”.

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