Moonchild Sanelly sets to marry girlfriend, Gontse More

South African songwriter and dancer, Moonchild Sanelly is set to tie the knot with her girlfriend, Gontse More in a stripper-themed wedding holding in an undisclosed foreign country.

There are reports that Moon will be proposing her girlfriend in the last episode of her reality TV show, Woza.

In a chat with Daily Sun, the 33-year-old dancer revealed how their relationship started, how they plan proposing to each other, the ultimate plan they have for their wedding and the supports they receive from their parents.

"We met at the Durban July in KZN and hung out. I got her to sit on my lap and we started chatting. decided we were in a relationship the moment she sat on my lap."

"The way we've spoken about marriage is pretty cool. I'm not scared because I know it's not necessarily attached to permanence by force. It's about how you manoeuvre. So I'm excited.

"The timing of the show was perfect because we've both been planning on proposing. It was a matter of who'd do it first."

"We want it to be in another country. We might just go and get married elsewhere. Gontse's mum, who's really cool, already knows we're getting married. My dad is my friend, so he'll be at the wedding, too," she added.

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