Nelli Tembe words before she died

Nelli Tembe, the late fiancée of the famous South African rapper, AKA, was undoubtedly a very private person. Her partner was always her voice to the public.

The 22-year-old who died on Sunday morning after falling from the 10th floor of the Pepper Club hotel in Cape Town, while alive, didn't grant any interview with any media house and also placed her Instagram page on private to have control of what goes out to the public.

However, a blog; Zalebs said they had a chat with Nelli before she died.

In the chat, Nelli asked them why they always use the worst photos of her, anytime they write publications about her.

"You guys use the worst photos of me – like whyyy," she asked.

She said further that she doesn't care about any article written about her because she was aware of what she signed up (i.e. dating a celebrity).

Zalebs advised her to grant interviews as it would enable people to know her more which she bluntly rejected.

See their conversation below.

Nelli Tembe words before she died

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