Nasty C discloses when he would be retiring from music

South African rapper, Nasty C, in his recent Zulu Man With Some Power podcast, has revealed his music retiring age.

While everyone thinks it's too early for the 24-year old rapper to make that known, he however briefly talked about it.

The award-winning rapper had TV personality, Sizwe Dhlomo on the episode, and when asked when he plans to stop doing music; the young star said he plans to retire young but as a legend.

"I don't care, I go out like a legend, you'll never get to say I fell off," he said.

Speaking specifically on his music retiring age, he said he is looking forward to his mid-30s, which could probably be when he is 35-years old.

Talking further on where he sees himself after 35 years of age, Nasty C said;

"I cannot tell you, but I have it figured out already. I'm going to this place that I love, it's like so left nobody would actually just move there or even retire there or think of retiring there, that's exactly where I'm gonna retire. I even started looking at like houses there and stuff, just to plan out my life. It's just gonna be me, my girl, if I have kids at the time, my kids just be out there. Come back every now and then to check my friends, my family."

Watch the episode of the podcast below.

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