Talented South African hip-hop rapper and businessman AKA has bitterly fired his colleagues in the showbiz industry who own alcoholic products for failing to thank.

Rapper AKA says he is not getting the respect he deserves in the music industry

As bragged by the award-winning rapper, he single handedly made sure that the alcoholic business thrives in the country.

Truly, AKA is amongst the frontliners of the alcohol industry after he launched his banana vodka drink a couple of years back. Many celebrities including Bonang, Khanyi Mbau, Boity, and DJ Sbu have all followed in his footstep since then.

He wrote on his IG page with the introduction of a new alcoholic beverage.

Any SA celebrity with an alcohol product, you're welcome. I single handedly built this industry, and that's facts. Shame on you, none of yall ever even thanked me … not even once. by @welcometoromesa"

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