Simphiwe Ngema shares near-death pregnancy experience

Simphiwe Ngema claims to have the most difficult pregnancy ever, and she's detailed how the whole event occurred.

In the short story narrated on her Instagram stories, the singer said she thought she would die during the process of birthing her baby boy.

Sim's parents were so scared that the father urged the medical professionals to take out the baby, so his baby (Simphiwe) will be alive.

"It's still so unbelievable that I carried a whole human being. I had the most difficult pregnancy ever! At some point I didn't think we were gonna make it. I remember my dad saying, "They better get that baby out, before he kills my baby," but God had us."

"We cried so much. My mum was still crying in this pic. Mercy said No, I'm not gonna let you go."

Simphiwe Ngema shares near-death pregnancy experience

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