Chymamusique cries out for help as people impersonate him on Tinder

Chymamusique has taken to his social media to expose an unknown man using his profile as his social media page.

This is not the first time a celebrity will be coming out to complain about this as most of these people uses this means to scam other social media users.

Taking to Twitter, Chymamusique decided to expose the scammer named "Maxwell Giyani" on Tinder; an application used in meeting people all over the world.

According to him, the profile stated he is 35 years of age as he asked his fans to help report the account for him.

Chymamusique tweeted: "Apparently I'm on Tinder as "Maxwell Giyani" and I'm 35 years old 😒 . Mxm what kind of man does that… boredom ! Whoever is on tinder please report the account for me"

See tweet:

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