AKA reveals why a collaboration with Emtee is not happening anytime soon

AKA analyzed Emtee's personality over the years of being in the industry together, and came to the conclusion that he is a person with deep and complex character.

This statement was made after a fan urged Supa Mega to collaborate with the trap king.

" think an eMTee colab tape would be sick," tweep says.

In response, the rapper says he loves Emtee, however, there's going to be some difficulty if they have to work together, as their personality don't match, so they need to be in a house together till they dish out something worth listening to.

"I love Emtee. But he's such a deep and complex character. For us to do a project we would have to like, live in the same house or something for like a month to really grasp the concept," AKA said.

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