Nasty C reveals plan to invest in clothing line in new interview

Nasty C has decided to spread his wings as he reveals his intention to invest into the world of fashion in the nearest future.

The star made this known in a recent interview with Amir Bagheri of Odd Magazine.

On the interview, the star spoke about the success of his album, "Zulu Man With Some Power and the Zulu Man In Japan documentary".

Amir asked Nasty about fashion stating how good the quality of the merch was wanting to know if he has plans to launch something or to contribute to the fashion game in South Africa.

Responding to that, the rapper stated that he is currently working on something as he plans to launch his own fashion line in the near future.

Nasty C revealed that he has been secretly wearing some of the pieces from his upcoming fashion line just to see the reaction from his fans.

The star shared that whenever people ask him what brand he is wearing, he just says he found them online.

Watch video below:

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