Zola 7 survives ghastly car accident

Bonginkosi Dlamini, famously known as Zola 7 is reported to be involved in a horrific car accident, while he drove to Meadowlands, Soweto, in January 2021.

Sunday World reported that he suffered an epileptic seizure and drove into a spaza shop in Meadowlands, Soweto.

The owner of the spaza shop who arrived the scene immediately the accident occurred said: "I went to the car to check who the driver was and found that it was Zola 7. When my mother and I asked him what happened, he threw a bottle out of the car and told us that he suffered some fits when he was driving and lost control of the car and hit our chairs and tables. He was complaining of neck and back pains."

The shop owners said the rapper promised to repair the damages, but at time of publishing this article, he is yet to fulfill his promise.

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