Emtee reiterates desire to make hit music rather than undergoing surgeries to look good

Emtee comes out clear about his real personality which some of fans are confused about.

Some Twitter users claim the trap king is a celebrity, famous and rich. A few others confidently say he is a gangster.

Reacting to all of these claims, within few hours, he repeatedly denied being a gangster and shunned some tweep evidence.

Emtee also said he isn't a celebrity who do surgery to look good, as he is more focused on music.

He also refuted claims of being famous and rich.

"I'm not a celebrity. I'm a regular guy who happens to make fire hooks."

"I'm not a celebrity! I'm not Famous! I'm not rich!"

"When? Where? I've never said I'm a gangster. Just stop now cos u jus want attention. Stop responding uyabhora n uyanya"

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