Nasty C to appear on

Few hours ago, Nasty C has announced that he will be a guest on The Ellen Show.

Taking to social media, the South African rapper said; "Yea we goin up tomorrow!!! Let the whole world know!! @theellenshow thank you for the put on.

Lots of South Africans, including celebrities celebrate the rapper for his next big move on the international show.

Just in case you have no idea about the show: The Ellen DeGeneres Show is an American daytime television variety comedy talk show that is hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.

Recently speaking of why he delayed his relocation to the United States, Nasty C said: "I will move to the States as soon as it is possible to do so. Right now it wouldn't be a good idea. Americans don't seem to want South Africans there because they think we have a mutated variant of Covid-19 that is worse than the others, so we're not allowed to go there.

"Going into quarantine in another country will take too much out of my schedule now."

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