Nasty C gives update on why he's yet to relocate to the United States

Nasty C opens up on why he is yet to move to the United States of America.

The rapper made his plans of relocating since last year, but he recently revealed that the time isn't now.

Speaking to TshishaLIVE, the star claimed COVID-19 is the major reason why he's pushed the date he wants to leave SA.

"I will move to the States as soon as it is possible to do so. Right now it wouldn't be a good idea. Americans don't seem to want South Africans there because they think we have a mutated variant of Covid-19 that is worse than the others, so we're not allowed to go there.

"Going into quarantine in another country will take too much out of my schedule now."

Nasty C said for the time being, he will keep on making more music and project till the right time comes for him to relocate.

"I'm also doing a lot of collabs with American artists for when I land that side. We already have songs in motion.

He also stated that there are 5 artists he's collaborated with, and fans will love each songs.

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