Shauwn Mkhize bumps into Lasizwe, congratulates him on his new bae

Shauwn Mkhize has taken to her social media to praise Lasizwe as they recently met.

Lasizwe has been all over social media sharing that he misses his man and he is yet to get use of his new life.

Shauwn shared how happy she is meeting him and letting fans know that baby boy is blessed to find love which, according to her, is a rare find.

Taking to her Instagram, the businesswoman explained that everything that comes out of Lasizwe's mouth is love and she is happy for both of them.

"Guess who I bumped into. He is so in love. Everything that comes out of his mouth is love. Can you see it in these photos? Oooh, I'm happy for you, enjoy it. It's hard to find love these days," wrote Shauwn on IG. She posted a series of picture with the comedian and influencer looking all sorts of happy.

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