Actress Priyanka Chopra praises husband Nick Jonas in new BBC interview, describes him as an

Priyanka Chopra has heaped praise on Nick Jonas, describing her husband as an "amazing cheerleader".

The 28-year-old actress married Nick in 2018, and she admits to loving his supportive attitude towards her career.

Speaking about their romance, the Hollywood star shared: "I mean, a friendship is crucial. You've got to be able to have … to spend time together and actually hang out and like it.

"I think that was the one thing that I really admired about my husband when I first got to know him was how excited he would get for my achievements or the things I felt like I did well or when I had a moment.

"You know, he's such an amazing cheerleader, right from the beginning.

"I love that our partnership is of equals and that's something that we started out as, and it's really wonderful to have found someone who thinks like that."

Priyanka has spent the last few months in lockdown in London, where she's been filming a movie and a TV show.

But rather than enjoying her usual experience of the city, she's been forced to stay at home and live on takeaway food.

She told the BBC: "I've been here since November and I've been in lockdown since November, but the UK government allows for film and TV shoots, which is why we're here.

"I just finished filming a movie and now I'm filming a TV show. So the only thing I do is go to set and I come back, and I go to set and come back.

"And that's so unlike the London experience because … I mean, it's London, you know, go out every night, you go to the shows and meet people and different foods, and now it's just Deliveroo and me!"

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