Prince Harry caught up in

While he fights to retain his ties to Britain and the Royal family, he must honour the will of his wife Meghan Markle who seemingly has no plan to return to her husband's birth place says royal expert…

The Duke of Sussex is experiencing the trials and tribulations of married life, only he's a Prince, and his life is playing out in front of a world audience. What the young Duke has likely come to realise, is the difficulties of keeping your "new family" happy without leaving behind the "old one."

Royal commentator Camilla Tominey says it's a "tug of love" for the lonely Prince.

The couple have received huge criticism for the privacy they claim to want. Meghan says she wants to lead a private a life, while at the same time she agrees to a "tell-all" interview with TV queens like Oprah Winfrey, it's a little bit confusing.

"the ambitious former actress's desire for both maximum publicity and unprecedented privacy while ensuring that already bitter relations with the royals do not sour even further," is a dilemma for the the Duke of Sussex says Tominey.

Watch her interview with This Morning below:

The commentator believes Meghan has no plan to return to the United Kingdom, and Prince Harry, sadly will come out the biggest loser.

"Having always had an eye on the bigger prize of American adulation over British blandishments, Meghan appears to have little intention of returning to the UK,'' says Tominey

"But for a blood-born British prince who is still seemingly desperate to keep up his royal and military ties, it is much more complicated."

Both the Duke and Duchess are the subject of scrutiny on Twitter.

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