Kid X pens heartfelt message to wife as he thanks her for their child's birth

Kid X pens down a beautiful note to his wife and mother of his child on social media.

Sharing a lovely photo of Dudu, the musician expressed how his life would have been without her.

"You're truly God sent. I can't imagine how my life woulda turned out if I hadn't met you when I did. Thank you for being as loving as you are. You've taught & continue to teach me so much about myself just from observing how you carry yourself. You're a true embodiment of God's love. A woman of unshakable faith, morals and principals. Your presence is everything I could ever wish for. I really don't know how you do it, that bit of mystery has captured me since day 1, namanje I'm still exploring, enchanted!"

Kid X also appreciated her for the gift of a child in which she birthed.

"Thank you for this wonderful gift of life we've co created. I'm thrilled at the prospects of what this new journey holds. I find comfort in knowing that she's got a woman like you to look up to, thass how I know she'll turn out great. I'm in awe of the wholesome woman you are & can't begin to imagine what more you're becoming. I Love You"

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