Virgo Deep drags Focalistic for not including him on

Virgo Deep spills out his concern of being demoted on Focalisitc's Ke Star remix featuring Nigerian star, Davido.

The original song which dropped in 2020 featured Virgo and it made huge waves across countries in Africa.

However, Focalistic announced on Tuesday evening that the remix of the song features Davido, then, produced by Virgo Deep.

Some people assumed the remix has been discussed with individuals involved on the song, not until Virgo subbed the musician on social media for undermining him: From a feature to produced by.

"From a Feature to Just a "produced by" I never thought my brand could be undermined like that…but it's fine," he tweeted.

Social media users flood his post with different reactions:

Talk to him bro , y'all are cool now this

I saw it coming why vigro was not on the music video of ke star

Don't y'all talk before doing a remix of the song you guys did together khant? I thought it works like that.

Produced By is more dope imo🙌🏿keep calm King

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