Britney Spears' father threatens the star's assistant

Britney Spears' cousin and former assistant has claimed the singer's father "threatened" her life if she didn't cut contact with the star.

Alli Sims hasn't spoken to the "Toxic" hitmaker since January 2008 when Jamie Spears – who at the time was yet to be appointed conservator of his daughter's affairs – allegedly called her and warned something would happen to her if she didn't sever her bond with Britney.

Alli – who left her job to move in with Britney and be paid as her assistant in 2007 – told NBC News:"He 100 percent was threatening me with my life.

"I didn't put it past him, so I didn't answer [her calls again]."

Alli admitted she carries "a lot of guilt" for cutting Britney out and admitted she'd received a lot of calls from her relative which she ignored after Jamie's alleged threat.

She said: "I can't imagine how alone she felt.

"When I think about how long she has had to endure this and it being 13 years, it just makes me so sad for her.

"I really do hope one day she's able to tell her story if that's what she wants to do. If she does, get ready because there's more to that story than I'm sure anybody could ever imagine."

But the ex-employee admitted she wasn't sure how to help the "Gimme More" singer in the period leading up to her being placed under a conservatorship, and recalled how Britney used to call her from random numbers to ask for help when her own phone was taken away after she was put under two involuntary psychiatric holds in January 2008.

She said: "The situation had become way over my head at that point and her dad and other people were involved.

"I really do believe (Jamie) would have done something if I didn't remove myself from the situation."

Alli misses her cousin and admitted she's always on her mind.

She said: "Do I miss her as a person and think about her all the time? Yes. She's all over the place still. You can't help but think about her every day."

Alli has spoken out following the release of documentary 'Framing Britney Spears', which follows the troubled pop star's rise to fame and her public breakdown, and insisted she could no longer stay silent.

She said: "How do you watch that documentary and be in it and live in that and not say anything when it has gone on for so long?"

A spokesperson for Jamie has yet to respond to Alli's allegations.

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