Mo Flava joins Trending SA on SABC3

Radio personality, Mo Flava has bagged himself another TV gig as he joins SABC3's Trending SA.

The star will be joining the list of media personality LootLove, Lesego Tlhabi and MaBlerh Salvator to make the show mind blowing.

Mo Flava is one celebrity that isn't afraid to speak his mind on air most especially when it comes to trending topics in SA.

According to him, the new gig came as a surprise to him as he wasn't expecting they would consider him even after hosting as a guest a couple of times last year.

Mo said: "I didn't even think they'd consider me because it wasn't at the back of my mind. I was just saying because I love this show … let me try it out."

He shares a couple of reasons why he said yes to the gig and he is happy it is the type of talks he enjoy the most.

"So, there are a couple of reasons why I said yes. This sort of talk/commentary television is one that I enjoy personally. Maybe it's got to do with the fact that that's the space that I am in as a broadcaster. I've always enjoyed shows like that.

"The other reason is that I got an opportunity to host with the team late last year, which gave me a bigger desire. So in other words, there was always an interest but then having done a few shows where I was hosting kinda gave me a more practical feeling — it made me want more. So when I got the call it was so easy to say yes."

"My experience as a broadcaster has taught me a lot. Maybe in my YFM days I would be in trouble, but I think my experience has made me understand the sensitivity of a certain topic – but without shying away from the truth."

Congratulations to him.

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