Khanyi Mbau deletes pictures of her new mystery boyfriend

Khanyi Mbau has deleted most of the pictures of herself with her man on social media.

For days now, the star has been all over the internet scooping pictures of them together.

The new man is said to be Zimbabwean businessman Kudzai Terrence Mushonga.

According to Sunday World, they were friends before casually dating 2 months ago.

With all these, many felt they would see more pictures but she has deleted most of the already posted ones.

This is coming after reports from Zimbabwe alleged that Mushonga was a fugitive.

According to reports, Mushonga is allegedly on the run from Zimbabwean authorities after operating a shady airline and defrauding a millionaire of over R2.4 million five years ago.

Many are surprised with the news they heard and are patiently waiting for what the end result will be.

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