Ms Shally announces 71-year-old father's death

The late businessman Ginimbi's manager, Ms Shally announced on Instagram that her 71-year-old father had passed on but she didn't specify the details of his death.

In a post she wrote:

"I lost someone extremely precious to me, My dad was a part of me he was my everything. 71 years old it's classified as young when it comes to losing someone you loved unconditionally and with all your being. He made me who i am, started to train me when I was 14 so that I could face the world but i never wanted to face it without you Dad. I keep asking God questions why add pain upon pain, this life is slowly becoming unbearable."

Although widely known for being Ginimbi's manager, Ms Shally is also the owner of a number of businesses. According to Pindula, she is currently married to a Belgian by the name of Eric Nullens and she has a daughter named Zoe.

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