DJ Tira's Wife Gugu Khathi bags a role in The Real Housewives of Dallas (RHOD)

The Real Housewives Of Durban has just gotten more interesting with the addition of Durban's finest lady, Gugu Khathi. We know her as being the wife of the highly successful DJ Tira but there is more to the character than just being his wife.

The interesting figure says she has more to offer and wants to tell her story, her way. Sources told Daily Sun that producers saw it fitting that she gets added to the cast because of her feistiness. They are looking for ways to zhuzh things up and stir drama – as if there isn't enough drama already.

Gugu commended the show for giving women the platform to showcase their themselves and what the contribute to society. Giving them a voice that has been taken away from them, "I want to be looked at in another light. It will be my responsibility to show off women who're able and want to empower others."

Although she will not be a full-time cast member, her presence will be felt, "This is the perfect platform for me, even though I will not be a full-time cast member."

According to Daily Sun she will make her appearance in the coming months and her being casted allows for things to get heated. We are particularly excited about her addition as she will expose a side we have not seen before. Apart from being Tira's wife Gugu has made an excellent contribution to the industry and also has her own rags to riches story that she wants people to know about.

"She's not just Tira's wife but has worked hard to get to where she is today," an insider told the publication.

The beautiful mother of three also wants to teach women that living under their husbands shadows is not something to be proud of and that they need to make a name for themselves.

She will be joining Ayanda Ncwane, Nonku Williams, Kgomotso Ndungane, Sorisha Naidoo, Ann-Toni Ludick and Nonkanyiso Conco.

Gugu has made headlines before after a tussle with her neighbors that even got physical and the police had to intervene. Gugu confessed to hitting her elderly neighbour after an argument turned physical in their gated complex home in Roodepoort, Gauteng.

Benjamin O'Neal claimed that Gugu punched his 50 year-old wife, Cindy, in the face after barging into their home and threatening them. They were in loggerheads again after O'Neal said their eldest son Junior is a low life criminal.

Currently, the couple is on a baecation and their social media posts indicate that they are having a time of their lives.

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