Black Coffee clapbacks on trolls criticizing his just released album

Black Coffee is not having it with trolls who kept on criticizing his new music.

The star recently dropped an album which he titled, "Subconsciously".

The project which featured many international artists left many South Africans criticizing him for producing music for audience outside South Africa.

Many social media users shared that Black Coffee's sound has become too international.

The artist has shared that he switched his style up because of his many fans across the globe.

The star recently told Ukhozi FM that he now has to cater to an international audience but has not abandoned his deep house sound that many people love him for.

Responding to criticism, Black Coffee shared that one of the biggest songs in the album is Drive – a song he did with international DJ, David Guetta. "I have people I work with internationally when we meet up we sit down and discuss how we are going to do the album. This is the first album that allowed me to work with international artists to this extent."

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