See the moment Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan gatecrash poetry class via Zoom

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan surprised an online poetry class.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex joined a poetry class on Zoom for the Get Lit – Words Ignite non profit organisation in honour of Black History Month.

Writing on Instagram, the organisation shared: "We've saved the best for last! Guess who surprised our poetry class this weekend?! It was the best weekend EVER! Prince Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, were magic and kind and interested in poetry! The Duchess even shared some of her favourite poetry lines. We are so grateful for their visit in honour of Black History Month. It goes down as the most epic experience in Get Lit history!!! (sic)"

And Diane Luby Lane, its founder and executive director, also revealed the royal couple spoke about their own lives and asked for music suggestions for their dinner playlist.

Lane told the Huffington Post newspaper: "Our Poets' mouths hit the floor. After they left, one of the poets started crying and said 'I need someone to explain what just happened right now.'"

"The Duke and Duchess knew the names of each of the Poets and talked about their lives, which completely blew them away. They took music suggestions from the Poets and said it would be their dinner playlist. They both listened so deeply to every word of the 3 poems that they heard. They also discussed deep things like racism and the importance of listening to one another."

And Mason Granger, the manager of public outreach for Get Lit, shared how Meghan spoke of the importance of a "ripple effect of a single voice".

He shared: "Meghan echoed so many sentiments we've talked about in class, about this particular moment in time/history to be a young person and the ripple effect of a single voice."

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