Bachelor contestant, Marc Buckner takes in a foster pup

The Bachelor Season 2 contestant, Marc Buckner has made the country smile this week after he took in a foster pup…

If we didn't already believe that Marc Buckner had a good heart (after watching him on The Bachelor SA, we certainly did!), the hunky model proved it again this week after he selflessly took in a foster dog. The fitness and real estate enthusiast introduced the country to his handsome new pooch on Instagram and we've been in love ever since.

If you're particularly sensitive to adorable pet photos, scroll through this article at your own risk!

Marc Buckner takes in a foster pup

In South Africa, just like in many parts of the world, there are a lot of dogs who are in need of new homes. New pet owners are often advised to adopt, rather than buying puppies as there are a number of dogs who are eagerly waiting the love from a new owner in pet shelters across the country.

As a self-confessed pet lover, Marc Buckner knows all too well just how important it is to put a roof over a rescue dog's head and when it was time to add a new member to his family, the Bachelor SA season two star chose to adopt.

He took to social media to introduce us to his new companion when he wrote, "Decided to take in this little rescue foster.

There are so many beautiful beings out there that are in need of love and a home. She really has been a huge help with all of her love and cuddles."

Marc and Marisia's healing from January trauma

You can never replace a fallen pet, but you can certainly fall in love with a new member of the family and that's just what Marc and his partner Marisia looked to do when adopting this cute little hound.

The couple, who found love on The Bachelor SA when Marc gave Marisia the final rose, endured a difficult start to 2021 when their two dogs were killed in a freak accident. Their two dogs, Si and Luna, were hit by a car and died immediately afterwards. Marc opened up about the traumatic ideal on social media where he wrote, "It is a blessing and a curse that they passed away in our arms. How does it take just 1 second? I am not normally one to share my feelings in a public space like this but I see how Luna and Si have touched so many lives.

This is the time for Si and Luna that I fear had left in pain & are lost or confused in spirit. I just want to know that there was little or no pain & that they live on in some way. I have never loved and lost so much but it makes me happy to see that they have encouraged others to adopt & cherish every moment with their loved ones. I am so thankful to them for everything, they helped us through so much, they brought love, joy & life lessons."

We wish Marc and Marisia as well as their foster pup a happy future.

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