Omuhle Gela acquires a new house

Omuhle Gela is really taking big moves this 2021 as she announced she is now a home owner.

The star made this know through her Insta-stories which she gave gave her followers the opportunity to ask her any question.

Omuhle revealed she has acquired a new double story abode.

The house is situated in a suburban area called Sandhurst, Johannesburg. It is known to be one of the most expensive suburbs in the country because of it's pricey real estates.

The follower asked: "Did you just buy a new home…I saw one of your post? If yes im so inspired and congratulations."

Responding to that, Omuhle said: "Thank you my love, officially moved in a few days just completing painting and other boring admin"

Congratulations to her.

Omuhle Gela acquires a new house

Omuhle Gela acquires a new house

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