K.O says he's still committed to releasing an album this year

K.O is not letting pandemic get in the way of what he has to do this year as he reveals he is coming out strong.

Mzansi and celebrities are in their different feelings now following the announcement President Cyril made yesterday during the family meeting.

A lot of changes have been made most especially the fact the Covid-19 vaccine is available.

The only thing is that celebrities are not still allowed to organise shows or gigs.

Taking to Twitter, K.O stated that even with pandemic or no pandemic, his album will come out this year no matter what.

In October 2020, the star says his 4th solo studio album will be out in the middle of 2021.

K.O tweeted: "Fuck it… pandemic or no pandemic my album will come out this year! 2nd half 2021…"

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