Sibusisiwe Jili expecting baby number 2

Actress Sibusisiwe Jili has announced she is expecting her bundle of joy as she shows off baby bump.

The star took to her Instagram to let the news out as she shared series of the photoshoot taken.

Sibusisiwe gave details of how things have been for her but she is happy and grateful she's pregnant again.

In her writeup, she said she was told by doctors she can never get pregnant again after losing her first child but she made up her mind she wouldn't believe it.

"So … this is the special shandis I had to share with you. When I lost my first child [age of 17] I was told I'll never be able to carry and birth a child, how final right? But, I was not having it, no doc, you are not deputy God," Sibusiswe said.

She added that after hearing the doctor's news she got down on her knees and prayed.

"God, when you are ready for me to have a child, please bless me with a boy. Ten years later I gave birth to a healthy but premature Onke who just turned five on Sunday, no incubator, no complications and now baby number two is fighting for womb time breaking my record at a whopping eight months without any complications.

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