Kanye absent from Kardashian sisters' luxury vacation - Here's all we know

The Kardashian sisters have once again broken the internet with pictures from their vacation in Turks and Caicos on their separate Instagram accounts, over the weekend.

The sisters, Kim, Kourteny, Khloe and Kylie posted pictures from their luxurious oceanfront vacation villa, flaunting their famous curves and designer bikini's, and their fans loved every bit of it.

The focus, however, has been on SKIMS founder Kim Kardashian as there have been rumors circulating social media that she and hubby Kanye West will be separating and filing for a divorce.

The fashion icon posted a picture of herself sitting on the edge of a balcony in a brown string bikini, a pair of Yeezys, and the picture is captioned "Just Chillin'".


It's widely known that the famous couple had been having some troubles in their marriage for some time, and they then decided to go to marriage counselling in attempts to patch things up.

According to reports, the final season of KUWTK includes details of the divorce discussions, which had Kanye fuming.

Fans have been engaging in discussions about KimYe's marital status, and some have even left comments under Kylie's vacation posts asking whether the rumors are true or not. The youngest sister has been ignoring the comments, and attempting to delete most of them as she has nothing to say on the matter.

Some speculated that the fact that Kim is still wearing Yeezy footwear (Kanye's colab with Adidas) could be a sign that things aren't completely over yet. Was it a subtle message to Kanye that she's still open to reconciliation?

Although the trip to Turks and Caicos may have been a sistercation, fans believe that this could be Kim's opportunity to get away, and clear her mind from the stress of her supposedly failing marriage.

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