Creative Mom uses school lunchboxes to cheer up her children after lockdown

When Jayne Hillpert is not working full time, she is whipping up the coolest lunch boxes for her kids. She uses her creativity to make lunch look like fun characters.

Recently, she made cheese rabbits and apple trees. She also uses her children's favourite things to create their lunchboxes. She created an Xbox lunchbox, and this landed her features on newspaper outlets.

The 47-year old is a single mom that works full time. This is important to note because her lunchtime treats look time-consuming. Speaking to Mirror, Hillpert says that it takes her about 15-minutes to put together these cool boxes for Luella and Thomas.

The legal assistant told Mirror that "I wanted to do something nice for my children when they went back to school, which is why I started making their lunches look fun." This is particularly the case because she witnessed what an emotional blow her kids took when schools closed.

To help rebuild the excitement of going back to school, she started looking up fun ways of incorporating her kid's favourite things into meals.

That idea led her to create an Instagram page @lunchboxforlulu and she has built her online audience and started collaborating with brands.

You can follow her page and get inspired to get the food creativity going.

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