Rachel and Siya Kolisi serve couple goals as they show off matching Mercedes Benz car

The Kolisi family has become a part of the Benz family, after Mercedes gifted the couple with "his and her" models from their classy catalogue.

Siya and Rachel Kolisi will be driving past us in more style and comfort than ever before. The celebrity couple have enjoyed a mixed start to the year but ended January on a high note when they revealed that Mercedes Benz South Africa had delivered them a pair of high-spec luxury German vehicles as a gift for the year ahead. Needless to say, the Kolisis were extremely grateful for the kind gesture!

His and Hers Mercs for the Kolisis

Anybody who has followed Rachel and Siya's journey from their early days will be extremely happy to see how far they have come. The Springbok captain and his first lady might be able to reflect upon humble beginnings, but they are certainly living their best lives these days. As if a beautiful family, a shiny Rugby World Cup gold medal, and booming careers were not enough, the Kolisis have had some help in upgrading their rides.

Siya and Rachel posed alongside two brand new Mercedes Benz models, one in black and and the other silver, as Rachel dubbed them both "Friends of the Brand". While a simple image might have done the job, the couple posed for a stunning, streetwear inspired shot and their comments were buzzing with positivity.

One excited fan summed it up best when they wrote, "This is the best Mercedes ad ever! Soooo Flash please tell me u get them !!! you deserve a hot car with all the kids u raising x"

Style is just second nature for these two

It's unclear whether the couple will now be working with Mercedes on a regular basis or if this was simply a gift for their contribution to the nation. However, it's clear that style and panache are clear parts of the Kolisi brand.

In 2020, Siya and Rachel Kolisi were also voted as South Africa's most stylish couple at the SA Style awards. If their deals with Adidas and Mercedes are anything to go by, they might be scooping the title again this year!

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