Vusi Nova celebrates Ngumama album release

Vusi Nova and Somizi Mhlongo's friendship is getting stronger day by day and looks like it's not ending anytime soon.

The two are just not friends for having fun sake but also work together to make more bags.

This morning, Somgaga shared a hilarious video clip of Vusi Nova overflowing with joy following the release of his album.

The album which he titled, NguMama is a 12-track album dedicated to his late mom, Ndileka who passed away in 2005.

In the video, Vusi is wearing a red rope, a black vest with a men's boxer without an under-wear.

His 4-5 keeps on jumping as he celebrates and tells his fans to buy it, to a point where he is forced to hold it so that it can relax a bit and Somizi exposed him asking why he did not wear underpants.

Watch video below:

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