Langa Mavuso & Thandiswa Mazwai tackle Mac G over homophobic, transphobic jokes

Thandiswa King and Langa Mavuso have raised their voices in support of LGBTQI+ community against Podcast king, Mac G.

Mac G has been trending since Tuesday morning due to an episode of his podcast, where he was seen making some transphobic jokes.

While a few persons condemned him saying he made derogatory comments, others defended him.

However, Thandiswa a.k.a King Tha and Langa expressed their dissappointment in Mac G and how he's negatively used his platform.

"Transphobia and homophobia is violence. the lives of trans people matter. when platforms like MACG's podcast invalidate their existence with 'jokes' & derogatory terms many intolerant people feel comfortable to violate & endanger those lives too. it is dangerous & intolerable, singer Langa tweeted.

"Dear straight person. Don't talk about us (queer people) on public platforms without us being present to speak for ourselves. There is a lot you don't know or understand so it's best to seek education rather than talk from ignorance. #TransLivesMatter," Thandiswa tweeted.

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