Master KG reveals this year's plans as he hints on working with International artists

Music producer, Master KG has been excelling in his career, thanks to his hit song "Jerusalema", which catapulted to international levels in just a few months. Now the star is making music with international artists and was recently seen chilling with Hollywood actor Vin Diesel and his wife Paloma Jimenez at their home in the Dominican Republic.

"It's been an amazing journey, but I'm not really looking at the fame. I'm just being myself as I've always been.

"I am appreciating the love that I'm getting from all parts of the world. I'm happy that people are liking my music and know who I am," said Master KG.

The hitmaker said he never thought "Jerusalema" will get to this level, but was so surprised and happy it did.

"I remember when we made the song, we believed in it but were just looking at South Africa, that's where the focus was at.

"All I knew was that my fans were all over SA and I knew they were going to relate to the song. It did so well in SA.

"Then in 2020 it came back again, this time it went worldwide. I was so surprised," he explained.

After his success, doors quickly opened for Master KG who is currently working on new projects with international artists.

"There are works in progress. We are currently working so hard with a couple of international artists.

"And when the time is right, everyone will know the release date. I like to keep things under wraps until they happen, but there are a few on the line that I am working with.

"When I get there I will definitely let everyone know," said Master KG.

About his recent visit to Vin Diesel's home which send social media into a frenzy, he said it was an amazing opportunity and he was treated with love and respect.

"I actually received an invitation a few weeks back about the trip. Vin Diesel just wanted chill with me and get to know me and listen to my music. I played for them, and they loved it," he said.

No stranger to winning awards, Master KG has been nominated in four categories at the MTV Africa Music Awards which will take place virtually in Uganda on February 20.

"It's a blessing. I didn't think I would get more than one nomination, but I got about four. It's not easy to get, this shows the impact the song has.

"The appreciation is so amazing. I'm so happy. Uganda is an amazing country. I had a good time when I was there," he ended.

This year Master KG plans to grow bigger and better and keep the same energy that he had in 2020 going forward.

"'Jerusalema' is a beautiful song that has done and is still doing wonderful things, but it is also time to drop something new and fresh that will take this journey to another level and keep things flowing.

"Fans can expect new music from me in June. I am also looking forward to doing more tours but only once we're allowed to after the pandemic," he commented.

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Master KG reveals this year's plans as he hints on working with International artists

Master KG reveals this year's plans as he hints on working with International artists

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