Bontle Modiselle says she remains committed to relationship with Priddy Ugly after infidelity accusation

Bontle Modiselle speaks on why she sees no big deal if Priddy Ugly cheats.

The two stars a married after many years of dating, and their marriage is blessed with a little angel.

The dancer caused a stir after saying that she will gladly forgive her man if he's caught in any form of infidelity.

Bontle made it known that cheating is not a deal breaker in their relationship.

"For us cheating is not a deal breaker in our relationship. Without invalidating anyone's experiences," she said.

The choreographer further explained why she's not going to leave Priddy due to unfaithfulness.

"I am willing to put myself in that type of position for him to do the same thing because he has proven to be a man worthy of that and I have proven myself."

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