Watch: Somizi on not apologising to journalists

Somizi is currently trending on social media after he shared a video saying he won't apologise to journalists.

The media personality has been all over social media for days after insulting journalists.

The star used vulgar words against Sunday World acting editor, Kabelo Khumalo, and Julia Madibogo of City Press on Instagram.

What made Somizi react that way was as a result of some runmours going about that his relationship with husband, Mohale has ended and also about the theft allegation.

However, City Press journalist Julia Madibogo approached Som.

Khumalo from Sunday World also approached the radio star as regards the theft allegation.

Som was infuriated and insulted the journalists by saying: "Deadline yo m*u kanko, go lika yihlo, u fuen abortion survivor."

Well, he has shared a video that he is not going to apologise to them.

"I am not apologising for what I did. The only thing that I know I did wrong was to post her private number but I did that deliberately", Somizi said.

Even though Somizi admitted that he was "wrong" to share the journalists' private number on social media, he added that he was "angry and did it deliberately".

"I decided to make the journalist feel what it feels like to have your privacy invaded. And I posted the message that she sent me on my social media and I posted it with her number, and since then people are saying there must be action taken against me.

"Some of my close friends were saying I must apologise and people even went to a point where they tagged companies I work with", he said.

Watch video in full:

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