Anele Mdoda defends Somizi's behaviour towards the journalists

Anele Mdoda takes to Twitter defending her colleague, Somizi Mhlongo against trolls.

Som's name has been in the mouth of Mzansi Twitter after insulting some journalists who sought for the truth as regards his marriage.

Responding to the journalists, Som insulted them and SANEF calls such act irresponsible, urging him to apologise to those journalists from City Press and Sunday World.

Anele claimed the journalists provoked Somizi as they have no right to question him without doing lots of research.

"My point exactly. Don't break the privacy code and expect to get invited in," she said.

"What we are not doing is sitting here on this app and not admit that most of celeb journalism in SA is deeply rooted in humiliating people.Pulling them down.There are very few celebs that don't have their managers details in their bios on soc med but no,u guys want to show dem," she added.

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