Loyiso Bala pens down heartfelt message to his wife, Jennifer as they expect their third child

Loyiso Bala took to his Instagram to send a heartfelt message to his wife, Jennifer.

The star appreciate his wife for making him a father again as they expect their third child.

Loyiso also thanked his wife for giving over her body to him.

The soon to be father of three took to Instagram to reveal how grateful he was to his wife.

Loyiso said: "Thank you for letting me experience life with you. Thank you for giving over your body so that we can embark on yet another life-changing journey together. Thank you for helping me to become a dad again."

"Soon we'll be five, a number that symbolises God's grace, kindness and favour to humankind. You are an embodiment of all these characteristics … now let's get ready. The real fun is about to begin."

In the post, he shared a beautiful picture of his wife.

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