Lootlove Luthando's twin girls clock 2

South African model and radio presenter, Lootlove Luthando celebrates her daughters' 2nd year birthday.

The star shared a cute photo taken with the 2 girls, and captioned it with how they make her feel.

"They call me "Mama" now. 🥺🥰 (well, when they feel like it…🤣) They are my little mirrors and reminders of all that's beautiful, powerful & wonderful in the world. Headstrong, feisty, Sensitive and super loving. I literally "argue" with two versions of myself DAILY… I say "argue" because you can never really win against a 2 year, they have tears on deck! They feel like the warmest hug from the universe, they remind me of the wonder of life," Lootlove said.

"They pull me back into the present consistently, well, when they're not driving me crazy and making me cry from frustration 😅. I've never known a stronger love… they've brought me joy, tears, I'm still scared sometimes but I'm also the bravest superwoman because of them. A triangle we are, a triangle we'll forever be. Watching them love each other and bond has been such a dream, I really cannot believe my luck! I Love you S&Z, thank you for choosing me. Happy Birthday My Loves," she added.

Lootlove also marks 730 days as a mother to the cuties.

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