Linda Mtoba dragged for breastfeeding her 15months old baby

Linda Mtoba is not having it with people who keep dragging her for still breastfeeding her 15 moths old baby.

The star is filled with anger as people are trying to teach her how to go about parenting her child.

The actress is a loving mother to her 1 year old baby girl who she says she will stop breastfeeding until she decides to.

Linda went on Instagram to issue a scathing warning to people who judge her parenting skills.

According to trolls, they feel her baby Bean is too old to be breastfed.

Linda said: "Whenever I post a pic or video of me breastfeeding Bean I'm sent so many "oh my word she's still breastfeeding," "akesemdala for ukuncela." (she's too old to breastfeed) Listen here and listen good, firstly yes and proudly so. WHO (World Health Organisation) recommends that you breastfeed until 2 (years old.) 

"For all the other breastfeeding mama's do you. Do what's best for you and your baby don't get discouraged, forget the naysayers and those who feel they have a right to an opinion about your life, body and parenting. Stop parent shaming, to each he's own," Linda clapped back.

Linda also shared her thought on people who find it "indecent" breastfeeding their baby in public due to the fact that they are exposing their breast.

"I really don't give much thought to feeding my daughter in public, she needs to eat so I feed her. I thought maybe I'd be anxious about it but speaking to other mommies truly gave me the confidence I needed to do it. Mommies it's ok to breastfeed our babies in public & not feel any shame for it."

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