Lasizwe finally recovers his Twitter account back

Lasizwe is finally back to his Twitter after days of being inactive and account not found.

The account was deactivated after he shared a picture of his small butt and as well encouraging people with small ass like him they are not alone.

Many felt really offended by the post and started dragging him.

Then immediately, his account was no where to be found.

But that was not true as Lasizwe is out to reveal what the reason behind his inactivity on his Twitter was.

The comedian revealed someone tried to hack his account and tried to delete and deactivate it.

Well, it looks like he successfully got his account back.

Lasizwe tweeted:  "They tried to hack my twitter account… thats why I was inactive and my account was apparently "deleted/ deactivated"! But we back Swirie! What did I miss on these Twitter Streets?


See tweet below:

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