Busiswa speaks in tongues as she prays for South Africa's Lockdown while in Malawi (Video)

Busiswa goes spiritual in response to the ongoing lockdown in her home country, South Africa.

The singer has been flexing while on vacation in Malawi.

Interestingly, she spared some moments in praying for SA, so that the lockdown can be relaxed.

In the video shared on Instagram, Busiswa was seen speaking in tongues, while her male partner supported by giving her moral as she prayed.

The video turns out to be hilarious for most viewers.

"We had to say a prayer for South AAH!"

Aside being able to pray, the star proves she's worthy of being on no. 7 on the South Africa's 2020 MTV Base Hottest MCs list, as she was seen spitting bars.

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