Khanyi Mbau and daughter serve major Monday morning cuteness – Photo

Khanyi Mbau and daughter, Khnaz decide to ease the usual Monday morning tension with a cute snap of themselves.

The star is seen rocking a pink jumpsuit with a gold hair, while Khanz rocked a blue hair, wearing a white cloth.

The skin and attitude got fans drooling over the cuteness.

"This picture is everything ❤️❤️❤️ ! It's cute and cool at the same time!," Khanyi's brother, Lasizwe reacted.

In December, the actress celebrated her daughter's birthday, and penned down a heartfelt note to her.

"Look how far we have come my baby. Just the two of us and we have been doing this for a minute now. We've had hard day, big days, boring days and days that have tested us… days that never make it into pictures but I look back now with such a grateful heart that none of us gave up.You have become such a strong Mature , funny and fun , intelligent human being that I am proud to call my daughter. I love you so much thank you for making me become the mom I am today because of ur nature , it has moulded me into. You helped me grow mentally and spiritually too."

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