Pearl Thusi wishes DJ Zinhle a happy belated birthday with sweet note and videos

Pearl Thusi has never failed in celebrating her bestfriend, DJ Zinhle in a special way, whenever it's her birthday.

3 days ago, the DJ celebrated turning 37-year-old and she was celebrated by fans, celebs and legends in the industry.

Pearl who is her close friend celebrated her late, but dropped beautiful videos to mark the special age.

"We're both dedicated our time to our families right now and I'm missing you terribly… between entertaining and catering for 8 kids – I've been trying to find a way to celebrate you- and this year your star shined so bright and I'm so incredibly proud of the incredible strides you've made… as an artist cooking certified hits, a mother growing stronger with every milestone, a business woman carving a powerful legacy, and a woman who continues to inspire millions … and I get to call you a friend," the actress wrote.

"Throughout the years we've comforted each other, spiraled together 😂😭 , held each other's chins up, shone more light to each other's stars and inspired each other constantly by challenging ourselves respectively. I love us.
I love you! Happy Belated Bday my angel," she added.

Zinhle read the birthday note and responded with: "Hectic!!!! Ahhh friend. Thank you so much. Realized 3 things.1, you really love me, 2. You have too much footage of us and 3. I'm actually short. Thank you. I love you."

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