Kourtney Kardashian vows to do away with plastic, says

Kourtney Kardashian has vowed to stop buying plastic. The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star has already made an effort to use boxes, glass or other alternatives to store her various kitchen supplies but has now sworn off plastic all together.

Sharing a picture of the inside of her organised fridge, she told her Instagram followers: "I'm making an effort to not buy plastic containers so to those using boxes, glass or other plastic alternatives, thank you, and to any plastic I have here, I won't be buying anymore."

It comes after Kourtney revealed she wants to promote healthy eating in schools.

The 40-year-old reality star said in 2019: "I'm really, really passionate about schools and what they're feeding kids. To me, there are certain things that shouldn't even be at kids' schools. So many of us are living our busy lives and doing the best we can, and so many people don't have the information to know certain things are healthy or unhealthy for our kids. It especially goes together with school and learning, in my opinion, because you're feeding your brain."

It came after Kourtney recently complained to the school her own children go to, after she "wasn't satisfied" with the processed meals being dished out at lunch time.

She added: "I wasn't satisfied with the food being served at my kids' school, so I made sure that the principal knew my concerns. I've continued to offer my two cents on everything from the type of milk they serve to their use of single-use plastic. I've found that simply using my voice to stand up for small changes that add up to big impacts is so effective at not only creating change, but setting an example for my children."

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