AKA shows off sizzling bikini photo of his girlfriend

AKA shows off his girlfriend, Nelli Tembe's hotness on social media.

We don't get much goals served from the two, but whenever they do, they nail it.

Taking to Instagram, the rapper gifted his fans a spicy snap of Nelli in bikini.

He captioned it with lots of heart-melting hashtags, which include "ride or die", "love of my life", "no lie" and the likes.

"All I want for 🎄 Christmas is you," AKA said.

Amidst separation claims some weeks ago, the lovers kept on shocking trolls and critics with lovey dovey moments saved in snaps.

Nelli got him one of the most exciting gift, which was a PlayStation 5.

AKA's reaction was amazing as he was in shook.

The two have become Rolex gang, as they recently showed off their expensive wrist-watch.

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