Somizi describes celebrating 48th birthday without his Mom as a

Somizi Mhlongo pours out his heart on social media as regards turning 48-year-old without his mother, Mary Twala.

The multi-talented star celebrates a new age today, 23rd of December, and it's a bitter sweet moment, as he won't be getting a call from his mother.

"Its a bitter sweet moment right….I'm turning 48 years old….and it will be the first time I won't be getting that first call from my bubbly mom…..I write this with tears in my eyes…..but I know she has already wished me a happy bday….I' grateful for the life ….for making it this far….for the blessings….for health…..for the success," he said.

Taking to Instagram, Som shared a painting of himself and his mom, which is a gift to himself.

"And today I wanna give myself a very special gift….I wanna promise myself to love me more than I've ever loved myself….to make me my own priority… be in spaces where love is served the way I serve it….to surround myself with ppl who love me the same way I love love them and to walk away from anything less than that without anger or hate… love certain ppl from a distance and that includes friends and family…….to put somizi first and make sure he is happy first before he makes anyone happy…..thats my gift to me and I wanna keep it forever," he added.

"Happy birthday to me…..thank u God…..I'm gonna live this day as best as I can…doing everything that feels right….sing lalalalala."

Check out the painting below:

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