Vusi Nova announces release date for his upcoming album

Vusi Nova will be blessing his fans and followers with beautiful music next year.

The star and his besties, Somizi shot Ntandane music video yesterday and according to them, they had fun and it came out successfully.

Although, they are yet to reveal the release date of the video but many of their fans are already waiting for it.

Vusi took to his Instagram to announce he will be dropping his album in January 29, 2021.

The musical artist said he can't wait for it to come out.

However, he is yet to release the title of his album but it is definitely going to be a banger.

In his caption, Vusi said: "Ndoyisakele Nguwe. Umam' akak'thandi noMakaz' abak'funi. Bak' biz' inxila, ulinxila lam. Hay' ndamfak' unontyinty' aph' endlini, haibo hini na le? Iyoh" meaning "I'm defeated by You. My mother doesn't like it and Makaz doesn't want it. Bak biz drunk, you are my drunk. Hey, I put her in the house with her, what is this? Iyoh"

He concluded: "Can't wait for my album to come out… 29 January 2021"

Watch video below:

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