Prince Kaybee and Zola serve couple goals in new photos

Prince Kaybee and Zola Mhlongo are making fans' heart melt all day as new lovey-dovey snaps of the duo surfaced on social media on Tuesday morning.

The two made their romantic relationship public early this year, and since then, the music producer hasn't given fans a month break of serving lovers' goals.

Some days back, he shared selfies of himself and bae, rocking some top, and the latest snaps shared on Twitter got followers gushing at them.


Prince Kaybee made it to Barack Obama's favourite songs of the year and he was super excited, Zola reacted, and in responding to the love of his life, he said:

"When you shed a tear on our call last night, I then knew you all the way Innnnn, you are special and for the rest of your days I just want you to be happy."


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